How To: Build confidence against pickle pusses and poker faces

Build confidence against pickle pusses and poker faces

Craving Confidence with Patricia Stark explains how to build confidence against pickle pusses and poker faces. First, don't judge a book by its cover because when a person is IN DEEP THOUGHT or listening intently, their facial expressions can be misleading. Some people, when they adopt a neutral face, can look downright intimidating. The person maybe be in the middle of a mental exit and be someplace else in their mind. You can bring the person back into the moment by asking them a question or making a comment. The person might just be intently listening to you because you're saying something interesting. The person also might not be comfortable WITH their own skin. Also, people often follow your own lead and mirror your attitude and energy TO be the initiator. Understanding this can help you when you have to speak in public or deal with an unfamiliar person who may look like a pickle puss with their poker face.

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