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Forum Thread: How to Deal with Scary People Anxiety

People can be scary. We've all had run-ins with one or two scary people sometime or other. You know who I'm talking about. Your loud mouthed neighbor, your bully of a brother, that librarian who glares at you when you return your books late. Most of the time we can finish our business with them and move on with our lives. Good thing too, cuz (yes i said "cuz", I'm "hip" like that) who would want to deal with them on a day to day basis?

Forum Thread: Memory Study Courses - Do They Work

Their has been a bit of talk of late by the so call professionals stating memory exercises may not provide any benefit to the human mind, keep in mind they don't know for sure. After much research and from personal experience I believe this not to be true. I am a firm believer that the mind is like a muscle and if you exercise it, you will have a stronger sharper mind. Recently after studying a program created by Dr Jonathan Parker called "Decoding The Abundance Mindset" I did a review for th...

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