How To: Be an Optimistic Person

Be an Optimistic Person

The world is surrounded by negative vibes, everyone of us needs to be positive in a way to have a balance in life. I will share with you, what are the steps to be an optimistic person.

Step 1: Have a Peace of Mind

To have a peace of mind you need to be calm and take some vacation. It may be a field trip with your family or just for yourself. Practically, if you are out of budget, you may want to relax in some spa and have a massage or you may go to the nearest mall and go window shopping, play arcade, eating your favorite food and meeting with your friends there. Actually you can do a lot of things. Ask your closest friends or relative that you want to go somewhere quiet and they can help you decide what are enjoyable things need to be done. It's better that way so you and your friends will have bonding at the same time having fun.

Step 2: Keep Happy Thoughts in Mind

To achieve this, remember all the enjoyable memories that you have and put them in your mind or put them in your journal. Every time you write something it helps you to remind the happy things happen to your life. For example, think of a song a wonderful song that you can't forget that you are having fun on that time with friends and family.

In my case, I like to play and listen to the song Yesterday by the Beatles because it makes me remember the fun I had in the past despite of all the stress I am getting in work.

You need to relax even in your work station. You can buy light things like fingerboard, It can helps ease stress but note that you will play in break times.

Step 3: Don't Forget to Smile

Yes, always smile even to people you don't know, or not smiling at you, because whenever know that person your smiling to had more problems than you ever imagine. It's a common courtesy when you smile the person your smiling will smile also. It's also a sign that you are a Happy or Optimistic person.

Lastly, to be positive & optimistic person, put that in your actions, words, thought and speaking. Keep in mind that everything happen for a reason so just smile and let it go. The things you needed to keep are those memories you already had. Cherished it and it will last forever.

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