Forum Thread: How to Deal with Stressful Holiday Guests

It's that time of year again! Thanksgiving just passed (if you're in America), Hanuka is upon us and Christmas is right around the corner, oh boy oh boy!

And you know what that means! Relatives, friends, and you-can-call-me- "friend"-but really- we're-just-co-workers are coming over to your place.

There's the lovable but highly racist grandpa. Then there's that mom of mine , who I just wish would take my advice and have her knees checked. How about that friend who never calls me? Or that co-worker who keeps using my stuff without permission.

Oh joy.

Let's be clear here. We love our family and friends. We really do want to spend time with them. But as with any close relationship, there's bound to be some tension.

So for all of you out there dreading having to sit through another one of dad's rendition of a colon cleanse in action (Vastra Dhauti. Look it up. On second thought, you might want to stay away from it), here's a nifty technique that'll help keep your holiday cheer. Happy Holidays! ^^

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