How To: Run a Successful Student Council Campaign

Run a Successful Student Council Campaign

Running a successful student council campaign requires hard work and preparation. Whether you're part of a candidate's support group or a candidate yourself, you need to focus and give it all you've got. As Vince Lombardi said, "Leaders aren't born, they are made. And they are made just like anything else, through hard work."

Being part of a student council campaign takes a lot of effort — from creating slogans to crafting inspiring speeches. Since you'll be facing tough competition, below are tips on how to make a successful campaign for your school's student council:

Step 1 Prepare Early

Running for a student council position is no easy task which is why you have to prepare a year in advance. This will give you enough time to show your dedication and willingness to serve your fellow students. Join social events or volunteer for causes that you think can benefit your candidacy. 

Step 2 Assemble a Support Group

Gather your closest friends and ask for their support. If they are willing to help, you can assign them different tasks such as poster preparation, booth setups or ask for their ideas on how you can improve your campaign or how you can raise your funds. 

Step 3 Print Out Campaign Posters

Create some appealing posters for your campaign. Design these according to your fellow student's preference. The posters don't need to be fancy — just make sure that it contains a catchy and easy to remember slogan. Last but not least, make sure to include your photo on the poster. 

Step 4 Prepare Some Giveaway Items

Print out stickers or button pins that contain your name and campaign slogan. This acts as branding for your student council campaign. The more that voters see your slogan or brand, the more they'll remember you on Election Day. 

Step 5 Prepare a Speech

Practice speaking in public and make sure to look confident when you're delivering your piece. Do some researches on current national, local or school issue, to help you prepare once people start asking you questions. 

Step 6 Deal with the Aftermath

Dealing with the campaign's aftermath requires the same diligence that you gave during the campaign itself. If you win the election, celebrate and thank the people who helped you succeed and begin planning for your term. If you lose, it's okay. This doesn't mean you've got nothing to do. You've met new friends during the campaign and you can still help people even when you're not in any position. 

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I was never on student council, but I'm sure this guide would have helped me if I was trying to run for it.

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