How To: Express Your Affection?

Express Your Affection?

Hello! I want to share a few thoughts about affection with you. This post is for all who wonder what is or could be the best way to communicate with the person you like. There are many ways of expressing.

When Two Worlds, Mars and Venus Collide.

Step 1: First, You Have to Make Sure That the Person You Like Is Also Fond of You.

For starters, you can show your interest in the things your sympathy likes to do. Whether that concerns her job, spare time or something completely else. Maybe she or he likes sports, art, flowers or pets.

Step 2: Determine What Kind of Affection You Want to Show.

There are different types of affection. You can compliment a friend, a co-worker, a partner or a complete stranger. Make sure your words or actions are not misleading anyone. For example, a hug has many meanings. It can be friendly, loving or just comforting. Also, make sure you don't use too many ambiguous words. Also be careful, if you are dealing with a person who does not know the habits you have in your country, etc.

Step 3: Observe the Possible Signs of Receiving Your Affection.

If you would like to express your affection to a stranger, it's good to know just a bit about her or him. Ask yourself this question: "Does the person you like love the attention or the opposite, couldn't care less?"

And the answer to this one could also be helpful: "Does your sympathy enjoy being in the center of someone's or public attention or wants to be left alone?"

The answers depends on many different circumstances, even the person's occupation, etc....

Step 4: Discover the Endless Ways of Expression.

If you are ready to show your interest towards somebody, you can start with a simple 'Hello gesture'. By starting a conversation, or just sending a few crucial words, written on a piece of paper, meant to be seen only by the eyes of the receiver. Or you can make a funny video or send a bunch of flowers. Creativity is the key that could take a person far.

Post an interesting ad or tell something beautiful about your sympathy, for example, on the radio.

Be careful about the content, do not be negative or do not explain your previous mistakes or even make fun of the person you actually care for.

Also, do not express yourself publicly if that could not be very appealing to the person you like. It is crucial that you do not offend anybody. Remember, that most of us, women like small romantic gestures.

Step 5: You'll Be Sorry if You Don't Even Try

Keep in mind that some opportunities can occur just once in a lifetime. Take the advantage of that fact and use it for the benefit of all the involved.

Step 6: Observe Her Response

At the end, you can observe the reaction of a loved one, hopefully a positive one. To your success!

Step 7: Go for It!

If the respond was good, I wish you all the luck you truly deserve.

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