How To: Stay Cool When It's Hot Outside?

Stay Cool When It's Hot Outside?

Hello! I want to share a few hints about staying literally cool when the temperature of the air outside rises incredibly. So, if you're in a very hot area, please continue reading!

Step 1: Watch or Read the Weather Forecast

I suggest you keep track with everyday weather forecast, so you can prepare yourself even for bigger temperature changes.

Step 2: Keep Your Room Cold

Which is the room you spent the most of your time in? Make sure the air in it stays colder than the temperature outside. Or, if you are currently outside take even a bigger precaution.

Open the doors and windows of your house or apartment early in the morning and late in the evening. The supply of fresh air will certainly cool down your favorite area. You can also keep your curtains or shutters closed, if the darkness does not bother you.

Use the air conditioner or ventilator. The second one will mix the air, so it also can come in handy.
You can also decide to stay in your basement, at least for a while.

Step 3: Protect Yourself from the Sunlight

If your daily errands demand walking or any kind of activity beneath the sunlight, make sure you put some lotion, sun creme on your face, hands and legs. Do not forget the chest area, feet and neck.

Be careful about the parts of your body that are mostly exposed to sunlight.
Remember that the sun creme is not the ultimate protection.

The parts of sun's rays can bounce of the ground and burn your skin even if the area you are in is a bit in the shade.

Sunlight can reach you even a few meters below the sea surface.
Make sure you wear a hat, a straw hat or at least sunglasses.
Wear light and comfortable clothes. Cotton allows your skin to breathe.

Step 4: Use Water and Ice to Keep Your Temperature Cool

Spray your body with some cold water from time to time.

Wrap yourself in a cold sheet or a towel or simply sleep on it. You can put the sheets in a freezer or simply in some cold water.

Put a few cubes of ice in a small cotton bag and than under your feet or neck.

Step 5: Some Hints

Sleep nude.
Keep your bed without the bedding or use only the sheets
Put a few drops of essential oil in some water and spray it in the air.

Use a black plastic bag, fill it with water. When the water heats up, you can use it for a shower. You can make small holes in the bag.

Use public showers, if necessary.
Refresh yourself in a public fountain, if allowed.
Stay in the shade and avoid the heat if you suffer from a heart disease.

Make sure your pets and other animals are in the shade. Provide them lots of water. Keep an eye of them many times a day, if possible.

Step 6: Use Technology.

Use your air conditioner or a ventilator. The second one only mixes air, but it is very practical, if you do not have the fist gadget mentioned.

Step 7: Use Your Folding Fan.

Find the old-fashioned folding fan you perhaps bought in a foreign country. It can come in handy, anywhere you are resting. On the beach, in the audience, etc.

Choose the best way to refresh yourself! Good luck and keep it cool!

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