How To: Avoid George Bush Syndrome

Avoid George Bush Syndrome

Failure is not an option. At least that's what George Bush seems to be teaching us, or is it?

Check out this hilarious video tutorial on how to avoid George Bush Syndrome and why George Bush actually teaches us that failure IS always an option.

Whether you're a doctor, a lawyer, a cop, a student, or a president, having the humility to anticipate failure is the key to success. Remember that whatever plan you start out with, it's okay to just stop talking and start a new sentence.

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Hipster ?
Where did you get your MBA from ?
Bush got his from Harvard.
You have noticed that failure is not an option anymore is it ?
The quagmire is now Victory.

Maybe he should've used a teleprompter wherever he went. Hey! Even press conferences! Like, "um, um, um, uh, let me be clear, uh, uh, O-, uh, -bama".

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