How To: Build confidence with anti-bacterial wipes

Build confidence with anti-bacterial wipes

In general, this video is approximately one minute and eight seconds long. The host speaks about personal hygiene by using a small packet of antibacterial wipes. She generalizes the use of this product, which includes hand sanitation, cleanup, and emergency antibacterial use. She specifically speaks about deodorizing the underarms. She relates to the audience about forgetting to use deodorant and how using the antibacterial wipes will help fight bacterial body odor, but clearly states it won't prevent sweating. In conclusion, people who watch this quick demonstration will find the product helpful because it is indeed small enough to fit in back pockets of jeans, or purses, or breast pockets. To have one will ease the anxiety of forgetting to deodorize, sanitize, and lugging extra weight of "to-go" sanitizers (i.e. Purell, Germ-X).

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