How To: Cut back drinking alcohol

Cut back drinking alcohol

Drinking too much is bad for your health and your wallet. Here are a few simple strategies for cutting back and keeping it in moderation.
You Will Need
* A pen and paper
* Willpower

WARNING: If your drinking habits show signs of alcohol addiction or abuse, seek professional help.

Step 1
Write down why you want to cut back: to lose weight, get healthier, set an example for your kids, or save money. Put your list where you will see it each day.

Step 2
Set a goal. Limit yourself to two drinks a day for men or one a day for women. Anything more is unhealthy.

WARNING: Don't drink unless you're of legal age. Drink responsibly, and never drink and drive.

Step 3
Keep a record of how many drinks you have each day. This will help you track your progress.

In addition to recording your drinking, notice how you are feeling and include those thoughts in your journal as well. You will soon start to feel better physically and mentally.

Step 4
Make one day of the week a non-drinking day, and add an additional day each new week.

Step 5
Exercise to take the edge off. Physical activity will cut anxiety and curb cravings.

Step 6
Meet friends at a cafe or coffee shop, not a bar. Watch sporting events at home instead of at a bar.

Step 7
Don't start out thirsty. Down a large glass of water first, and drink your beer or cocktail for the taste, not to quench your thirst.

Notice how much money you're saving by recording your bar expenses in your journal. Alcohol is expensive and will make you think twice about your drinking habit.

Step 8
Use more mixer and less liquor in your cocktails. Switch to light beer, or drink wine spritzers.

Fact: The average American begins regular drinking at age 15.

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