How To: Hypnotize someone

Hypnotize someone

Hypnosis can be used to manage pain, relieve anxiety, conquer phobias, prepare for childbirth, and cure insomnia, among other things. With a little practice and some simple techniques, you can amuse your friends or help them break a habit through hypnosis. Learn how to hypnotize someone with help from this how-to video.

What you will need:
• Hypnosis classes
• Research
• A subject
• Patience
• Goals

Step 1: Research
Do research and read up on hypnosis. Responsible conduct is essential when your subject is placing their trust in you.

Step 2: Communicate your intentions
Begin by communicating your intentions to your subject, and learn their anxieties about the process. Answer questions and reassure them that they will emerge from the trance.

Step 3: Make them comfortable
Encourage your subject to sit or lie down and be comfortable. Guide them in relaxing parts of their body. Use a soothing voice and be sure they are unconscious and ready to submit to suggestion.

Step 4: Reinforce their safety
Reinforce your subject's safety and comfort repeatedly with positive phrases like, "You're doing just fine," and "That's great. Just relax."

Step 5: Note changes in breathing
Note changes in breathing or fluttering eyelids as signs that the person has gone under. Sometimes the limbs or fingers twitch.

Step 6: Ask questions
Ask questions, adhering to the goal of the session.

Step 7: Bring them back
Return your subject to consciousness by counting to five, becoming more animated with every number, until you direct them to wake, "feeling refreshed."

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This was obviously not produced by anyone who actually understands hypnosis. It seems like they read a book and are regurgitating it. Does not actually explain how to do anything.

Overly topical and lacks fundamental understanding of the topic.

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