How To: Lie detect by recognizing eye movements

Lie detect by recognizing eye movements

This is an NLP Practitioner lesson on detecting eye movements in people to see if they are lying.

The coordinates are labeled as below.

Left looks indicate the subject is fabricating information rather than recalling.
Vr- Visual remembered/recalling
Vc- Visual constructing
Ar- Auditory Remembered/recalling
Ac- Auditory constructing
K - Kinestethic- Accessing ur feelings or 5 senses
AD- Auditory Digital(apparently, in dialouge with urself)..

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I've read several books on lie detection and body language, it's kinda my main area of interest. Not because I'm some human lie detector but because I've always been gulible. Anyway this video is completely accurate but only if the man is right handed. There is debate on this issue but it is true that left handed people access different areas of their brain for memory recall and such. David J Lieberman writes good lie detection books. Also, it's expensive but I was able to borrow Interview and Interrogation which is a police textbook. I seriously doubted the value of cop manuals but this book is amazing. It will completely change the way you "confront" someone. In fact, if you care more about knowing the truth than just going off then you should never confront with accusations... anyway, check these books out and remember that human beings are not rational machines with rules, just because your BF glances to his right during conversation doesn't mean he's lying, maybe something caught his attention. These are too complex for anyone but the experts to completely rely upon. So for us it's better to google "how to get the truth out of someone" rather than "lie detection"

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