How To: Look good in pictures with Carson Kressley

Look good in pictures with Carson Kressley

Many people suffer from camera-shyness, or a reluctance to have their pictures taken. The reasons vary; some people are generally insecure about their appearance, others feel that their pictures don't match the way they want to be shown. Carson Kressley, from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and How to Look Good Naked, offers the following advice: relax! Tight smiles, defensive body language, and insincere emotions can easily ruin a picture. Try to be spontaneous: if you want to smile, look at something that makes you happy (puppies, the picture of a loved one, anything that puts a real grin on your face). Body language is important, too. If you want to seem sexy, stand in a way that emphasizes your curves; if you want to look authoritative, adjust the picture to emphasize your brow line. Keep in mind what you want this image to say about you. Pictures are worth a thousand words, so chose your vocabulary carefully.

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