How To: Mingle


Learn how to mingle. If the idea of walking into a room full of strangers strikes fear into your heart… welcome to the club. But there are ways to overcome this common social phobia.

You Will Need

* A little bravery
* Business cards
* A little bravery
* Business cards

Step 1. Eat at home

Eat before the party. You're not going to meet anyone if you're sitting down with a plate of food or constantly have your mouth full.

Step 2. Scope out the room

Upon arrival, identify the most uncomfortable-looking person standing alone. Stride confidently up to them, and introduce yourself with a smile.

Step 3. Don't get too comfortable

Don't get too comfortable with your new friend. The whole point of mingling is to meet new people, so excuse yourself after five or ten minutes of chitchat with a "It was really nice meeting you."

Step 4. Find another target

Find another target and begin the process again. Practice on enough wallflowers and you'll soon have the confidence to approach someone intimidating.

Step 5. Let them talk

Let the other person do most of the talking. And really listen—resist the urge to think about what you want to say next while they're still babbling.

Step 6. Maintain eye contact

Maintain eye contact. Not in a creepy, Hannibal Lecter way; just don't scan the room for someone more interesting while your conversational partner is talking.

Step 7. Welcome others

Whenever you find yourself in a group, keep an eye out for loners hovering on the edge.

Step 8. Give a business card

Feel free to give our business cards, but be discriminating. Handing them out to every single person you come into contact with makes you look cheesy, not friendly.

Step 9. Leave early

"Leave them wanting more" is a good rule not only for individual chats, but for the event in general.

FACT: Thirty percent of women surveyed said they are more drawn to the "shy guy in the corner" than the "ringmast

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