How to Organize & manage your work emails better

In this Motivation & Self Help video tutorial you will learn how to organize & manage your work emails better. For many people, sorting through and managing emails is a real challenge. You will learn what to watch out for when you write an email. The nature of the emails you receive partly depends on the emails you send out. If you write vague or incomplete emails, you will not receive a reply or get the reaction you expected. You must follow these rules while writing emails. In the 'To' field, write the addresses of people from whom you expect a reply. In the 'Cc' field the addresses of people who are not required to reply must be written. The subject must clear. Do not send an email without a subject. Write your message in paragraphs; be clear and to the point. Deal with one point in one paragraph. Avoid complicated sentences.

Organize & manage your work emails better

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