How To: Relieve back & neck pain while at work with exercises

Relieve back & neck pain while at work with exercises

In this video from InstruxionAE we learn some exercises to do at work to relieve your back and neck pain. You cannot cure this pain from exercise. You can only keep safe posture throughout the day. The weightlifter's technique is the best exercise. Traction or hanging is one of the most relaxing exercises for the back. Bending backwards is a good way too. While seated, you can put your hand on the armrests and bend back in your chair. In a standing position you can put your hands on your belt and bend back. You can also do pushups on your stomach. Walking also is very important. While walking the back is automatically in a safe position. Good exercises for the neck are traction as well. Interlock your fingers and place them behind your neck and move your hands upwards to relieve your neck. Another great thing is to move your head slowly forwards, backwards and to the side. Always remain under your own pain threshold!

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