How To: Stand up for yourself

Stand up for yourself

Do you constantly let people walk all over you? Go from doormat to dominator with this advice.
You Will Need
* Self-confidence
* Good posture
* A commanding tone of voice
* A voice recorder
* The ability to say "No"

Step 1
Believe in yourself! People tend to take advantage of those who lack confidence, or have difficulty showing it.

Step 2
Straighten your back and keep your head up at all times. Research indicates that people with good posture look and feel more confident than those who slump their shoulders.

Some studies indicate that people who walk quickly look more important, and thus appear more assertive.

Step 3
Speak your mind. Those who struggle to stand up for themselves rarely make their voices heard, but if you refuse to speak up, how will anything ever change?

Step 4
Command respect by speaking at a slow, measured pace. Try not to stutter, mumble, or speak softly.

Step 5
Just. Say. No. Turning down requests when necessary is essential to maintaining a position of strength. Don't be too negative though, or you could risk turning into a bully yourself!

Fact: A dog displays its power and dominance over other dogs by staring directly into their eyes.

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