How To: Survive an earthquake

Survive an earthquake

Feeling unprepared for the next earthquake? In this tutorial, learn what to do and what not to do to survive "the big one". You'll be surprised to learn that hiding in a doorway is a myth!

You Will Need:
• A safe place
• Sturdy shoes
• A fire extinguisher
• A flashlight
• Work gloves (optional)
• A helmet or hard hat (optional)

Step 1
Extinguish all flames & cigarettes. If you're indoors, move away from windows & any unsecured tall, rolling, or heavy furniture & equipment.

Step 2
Drop to your knees & curl up; this minimizes injuries by making yourself a smaller target. Next, cover your head, neck, & chest by crawling under something sturdy, like a table. Finally, hold on to your cover. If there's nothing around you to scoot under, cover your head with your hands. Stay put until the tremors stop.

Step 3
If you're outdoors, get away from buildings, walls, power lines, & trees. If that's not possible, get inside a building. The worst place to be standing is next to a building, where you could be hit by falling debris.

Step 4
If you're driving, ease off the accelerator and come to a stop slowly. Avoid getting stuck on or under an overpass or bridge. Place the car in park, & remain inside until the tremors stop.

Step 5
When the shaking stops, put on sturdy shoes before you move around. If you have work gloves & a helmet or hard hat, put those on, too.

Step 6
Exit the building or car. Check to see if anyone is injured. Watch out for hazards that might fall from overhead or that might be on the ground in front of you.

Step 7
Once back in your home, don't light matches, a lighter, or your stove until you're sure you have no gas leaks. Use a flashlight to check for broken pipes, cracks in walls, loose light fixtures, & damaged electrical wires. Open closet & cabinet doors carefully; contents may have shifted.

Step 8
Anticipate aftershocks, which can continue for days after an earthquake.

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