How To: Tap away your problems with acupressure

Tap away your problems with acupressure

EFT "tapping" is a self helping movement in a sequence of tapping across the hand, face, head, chest and arm that will allow you to alleviate a specific pain, problem or stresses in your life. This video shows you how to tap away your problems with acupressure.

Start by tapping with your fingers...
*The base of the hand repeating a phrase such as "horrible back pain" etc.
*The eyebrow
*Side of the eye
*Upper lip
*Above the chin
*Collar bone or "tie-knot"
*And finally at a hands width under the arm

Again repeating a phrase describing the stresses, problem or pain after each area tapped.
Repeating this motion again and again will help to alleviate the the aforementioned complaint repeated verbally while tapping.

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